Emergency Medical Technician- Basic

Emergency Medical Technician- Basic

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) are the most popular level of EMS Provider. They are able to perform basic life support care to patients, including inserting Advanced Airways and administering medications. Often, EMT's (also known as EMT-Basics) work with another EMT partner, or are paired with an Advanced EMT or Paramedic. EMT's can perform basic life support care in the back of the ambulance in the patient compartment, and can drive the ambulance. They also serve a vital role by assisting advanced EMS Providers in setting up IVs, assisting with medication administration, and with assisting with other Advanced Life Support techniques as requested.


Like the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), students must successfully complete and pass the cognitive and psychomotor testing as set forth by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). This organization is recognized by many states in the US for testing purposes in order to receive certification and eventually licensure as an EMS Provider. Michigan is one of the states to recognize the NREMT, and students must successfully complete the testing and achieve certification through the NREMT before applying for state licensure.

In order to maintain their NREMT certification, Providers must renew by March of the year of its expiration by getting Continuing Education credits in the required areas or by attending a Refresher course, as outlined by the NREMT. Recertification can also be obtained by retaking the NREMT cognitive and psychomotor examinations. Information on initial and recertification can be found on the NREMT’s website.


Once certified, candidates must submit their application to the state(s) in which they would like to become licensed and apply for their state EMS Provider license. Each state has different requirements for EMS licensure, so it is important to contact each state's EMS Division for specific information for that state. In Michgan, an EMS Provider license is valid for three (3) years and continuing education credits must be obtained in specific areas before the license expiration date in order for the license to be renewed. The link to the State of Michigan's EMS division can be found by clicking here.

Emergency Medical Technician- Basic

Summer EMT-B Academy 2018 Class Scheule

Summer 2018 EMT-B Academy


  • Registration going on now


  • Cost is now $1200 with $100 non-refundable deposit. Payment plans are available.


  • This course is a 12 week program extended over the summer terms, and is total of 422 hours (366 classroom hours, plus 56 clincal hours).


  • There is a clinical requirement for this course


  • Successful completion of this course will provide eligibility for students to sit for the NREMT exams.

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